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Mature Driver Course

Drivers of age 55 or over who complete a refresher course such as the NDSS mature driver safety course, are eligible to receive insurance discounts up to 15%. In the state of Florida, insurance companies are providing a 3-year auto insurance reduction to the drivers who complete this course.
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Self-paced Online Courses

Welcome to NDSS Miami Traffic School, an affordable online traffic safety program. Each course is designed to refresh your memory of state-specific traffic laws. Because our courses are self paced, drivers get the opportunity to truly learn about the rules of the road!
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Traffic School in Miami

Miami traffic school isn't most people's idea of a good way to spend a sunny Saturday. It used to be that if you had to take traffic school in Miami, you had to do just that - look for a school and waste your precious weekend sitting in a stuffy classroom. Not any more. Now there's National Driver Safety Services (NDSS), and we are pleased to offer you the most convenient Miami traffic school you'll find.

Our course isn't like your average traffic school in Miami. Ours is located here on the web rather than in a traditional classroom environment. This means that you can take Miami traffic school from the comfort of your own home, and class is in session whenever you say it is in session. The course offered by NDSS is set up differently from some other online education programs, in that you are not required to be online at a particular time of day or to participate in any class chats. Instead, we have set up our traffic school in Miami so that you can log on and off whenever you want, as often as you want, and do as much or as little coursework during each session as you want. You are the only student enrolled in your class, so go as fast or as slow as you need to in order to master the material.

When your course is complete and you have passed the final exam, you'll get your certificate of completion in the U.S. mail, or upgrade to overnight delivery if you'd rather have the certificate right away.

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